Boat Restoration

Courses in Wooden Boat Restoration

Taking apart and repairing old boats is the best way I know to learn about the construction of wooden boats.


No current dates planned 6pm to 9pm (3hrs) £399 for ten weeks from May the 4th

The first course has seen the Dolphin Class Dinghy (pictured below), stripped of its deck and found and an awful lot of planking is in need of replacement. Given the volume of planking we have spent some time steaming ribs into another dinghy.

The Shetland boat (pictured bottom), has had a plank taken out that was marked for replacement, and a new one is being fashioned.

Repair work provides a good opportunity to learn about all of the processes involved in building clinker boats. You will be able to try your hand at planking, steaming new ribs, and processes of preparation for painting and varnishing. You do not need to have had previous wood working experience.

This course will be limited to 6 places. To book a place please fill in and return our booking form,or for more information please don’t hesitate to call 07932458867


There may be the possibility of co-operative boat ownership of boats worked on. This would involve sharing the material cost for the work to be carried out, and facilitate the shared ownership of the craft for the future. If you are interested in the idea of shared ownership please do get in touch, even if you are not interested in being on the course.