Known for its use fishing the inland waterways of Wales, the Coracle’s origins date far into the Bronze Age. Found in many variations-Sussex-based wooden boatbuilder Ryan Kearley will guide you through the build of your own coracle similar to those from the River Severn. You will also get the chance to try these craft out on the farmhouses own pond.

Upcoming Coracle Course Dates

No current dates planned 10am to 5pm

1st & 2nd of October 2016 10am to 5pm

£250 or £300 for a 2 person team build. The cost includes all materials, lunch & tea & coffee & introductory membership to the Coracle Society.

The course gives you the opportunity to build your own coracle and paddle, the method of building is wonderfully organic and sculptural; teaching you to through away the tape measure and build by eye. If you would like to come as a pair and build a coracle together you are welcome to do this for an additional fee of £50. Places are limited to 6 coracles per course to give good tuition ratios. To book a place please fill in and return our booking form,or for more information please don’t hesitate to call 07932458867


Information for those planning to book a place

For those taking part it needs to be pointed out to make sure if you do not have a roof rack, that you will be able to get your coracle home. There finished dimensions are roughly one hundred and ten centimetres by one hundred and thirty-five centimetres long and thirty centimetres deep.

Those who hope to try a coracle on the pond would be asked to bring a buoyancy aid if they have one and a change of clothes.

For the building of your coracle it would be necessary to bring the following tools if you have them, if you are unable to bring any of these please let us know so that they can be provided for you;

A tape measure, hammer, slotted screw driver, handsaw, small clamps, cordless or electric drill, pincers, heavy duty staple gun, Stanley knife.

Finally on the subject of safety, these craft have proven their use through history in the hands of those who fished and worked them with skill and agility. However it should be pointed out that the coracles’ buoyancy and stability is inherently limited I would like to draw your attention to the safety guidelines provided by the Coracle Society…..coracle safety guidelines