Varnish Course

Varnish Workshop

Upcoming Dates

No current dates planned 10am to 5pm

£120 the cost includes all materials lunch, coffee & cake.

Come and join me for a 1 day workshop dealing with the preparation for and application of paint and varnish. Including a hearty lunch and coffee and cake.

The handy-work of my worshipful apprentices

We are not aiming for the spotless finish of the upper Thames here, but a decent workman-like finish (where it is okay to have the odd insect leg preserved) that is maintainable for the long-term protection of your boat.

We shall spend the morning dealing with surface preparation, and the afternoon will cover application. We can look at some of the problems that occur and how to deal with them, how to avoid runs and dry spots and most importantly get good adhesion between coats.

I also have some handy tips on varnishing in the winter months, and how to store and maintain brushes.

This course will be limited to 6 places. To book a place please fill in and return our booking form,or for more information please don’t hesitate to call 07932458867

If you are interested but can’t make any dates, do let us know, so we can add you to our list for arranging future dates.

A good brush & easy ways to take care of them