Ethics imageIt goes hand in hand that a love of watercraft is affiliated with a love of water and the marine environment. One of the main objectives in our workshops is to support and encourage environmentally sustainable practices in the choice and use of materials. There are two elements to this objective, one is the selection of timber, and the other is the choice of substances we use to glue, bed and protect our timber.

Wherever possible we like to extol the virtues of using Northern European timber. If acquired locally it also allows us to select pieces best suited for each particular job directly from our suppliers. It is recommended that timber used has Forest Stewardship Council Certification

Concerning the issue of gluing, bedding and sealing up our timber we aim to influence our customers choices concerning materials and finish in a direction which is more considerate toward the environment, such as linseed oil based paint finishes rather than the more commonly used petrochemical, polyurethane or epoxy based coatings.

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